Sixth Entry From Adedayo Olugbemi – Writer’s Horror Challenge

Hello guys….

The challenge continues with another short and sweet entry from Adedayo Olugbemi ( I like this piece because of the single mindedness here: no deviating…one scene. I hope you like it too.

Dayo picked this line:




I heard the knock and thought some kids on the street were cooking up a prank. Until I heard it again from the direction of the mirror. It wasn’t from the window, whoever it was wasn’t outside, there were inside of my mirror. I brushed the silly idea off and went over to have my hair brushed. The sound came again, but very faint this time.
But glass, the glass was vibrating. And then I had to watch, my reflection was a bit slower than I was. And as I stepped back to make for certain, i could see it, it was wearing a facial expression i wasn’t. And then it happened. My right hand, its right hand rather, moved up and tapped the glass, it still wore the grin. My hair stood on end, the comb still stuck in it. But its hair was without the comb.
Its comb was laying there on the dresser.


I did say it was short, didn’t I?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Luke says:

    Well…now I need a change of underwear after cr*pping myself! Brilliant short story. It brings to mind the idea that explanation draws too much away from horror, and rather leaves it to the imagination. Superb.

  2. diiwanna says:

    Thank you, Luke. Glad to know you approve. And Intoxyka, thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Xceptional43 says:

    Can short be even scarier?
    This sure did it…
    Straight to the point but not in anyway reducing the thrill.

    1. diiwanna says:

      Thank you, 43, i can call you 43, right, lol

      1. Xceptional43 says:

        Lolz… 43! I never thought of that

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