Fifth Entry From Adeola Adewunmi – Writer’s Horror Challenge

So far we’ve enjoyed amazing horror stories from talented writers. Then my friend, Adeola Adewunmi decides to put a spin on things with his entry. I burst out laughing when I read this entry but I can only imagine what the character would be saying to himself.  wont spoil it for you.

For his entry, he picked:




I’ve been faithfully married for two years. It was never my sterling character for decency which kept me so. Rather, I am of the shy breed; clumsy and clueless with ladies.

For my wife Susan however, I am God sent. A standard by which she measures the faithfulness of her friend’s husbands.

We met on Facebook. I figured from our chats she likes the just-one-girl guys. My lack of confidence in bedding girls as I wished was taken as faithfulness – her lifelong desire in men! Three months of a platonic affair later, we got married and I did not disappoint Susan once.

So it was that when Josephine, her recently jilted friend came visiting one Sunday evening, Susan did little to console her. Instead, she bragged endlessly on how I was the best Husband ever. Clueless as usual, I pretend to be watching the TV, while Josephine’s flooded eyes stubbornly stay glued on me. She was staring at an angel.

I cringed when Susan announced that Josephine would “stay with us for a while”. My annual leave starts the next day, and my wife suggests I keep Josephine company at home. I was a saint after all.

How am I to manage this? I asked myself. Stay with pretty, buxom Josephine (Yes! I’m an expert at assessment) for few days?

Yet I obliged because, I thought, I wouldn’t even have the courage to act funny with her, and in few days it will be over. Perfect.

I was wrong!

Josephine marched directly to the bathroom while I was having my bath the next day. I heard her open the door. I did nothing to warn her. She barged in, rushed towards me, hugged and kissed me fiercely.

“Let’s go”. She whispers.

Who am I to ask where to or what for? I would take whatever she offered.

I spent the previous night envisioning myself and Josephine on bed, digging it passionately, such that while we were actually in the process, I could not differentiate. Suddenly, a continuous knock at the door interrupted. I quickly pulled out and grabbed the towel. Josephine made room in the wardrobe.

I opened the door and Susan – Susan! – walked in.

“Honey, what’re you doing here?” She demands

It hit me: I was in the guest room! Damn!

“To check on Josephine, she’s having her bath”. I manage to say

She asked why I was breathing so heavily, I wasn’t

I wasn’t. I was inexplicably calm. Heavens know why. I was probably dazed, no, thrilled I’ve eventually crossed the infidelity line.

Close to climax, Josephine fought hard to suppress groans. Her breathing was amplified by the emptiness of the closet.

I fled the room as Susan started for the wardrobe!


What say ye? Good huh?

Keep you entries coming…. there’s still time to show us how wild your imagination can go…


One Comment Add yours

  1. Xceptional43 says:

    Wild wild west! This had a superb twist to it.
    Awesome piece.

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