Special Guest Blogger + We Need Your Help

Hello everyone. 

Soooo we have a special guest blogger today; none other than …… Baby Nimi!!!! 

I’ll let her do the talking now:

Hello, I’m Baby N and my mummy won’t let me watch Big Brother Naija. 

She says I’m too young (10 months) so she signed me up for the baby version of Big Brother, Cussons Baby Moments aka #cbm4. I’ll be competing with many other cute darlings to be the face of Baby brand Cussons. 

The link to vote is http://www.bit.do/BabyNimi

Now that Big Brother Naija is over, I’ve hijacked my mummy’s phone (again) so I can talk to you. Since Mummy didn’t let me watch #BBNaija , I can’t say I had any particular contestant I was rooting for. But congrats to the winners. 

 If you haven’t voted for me in the Cussons ons Baby Moments 4, please please please do. 

If you have, tell your friends to tell their friends to do so. The shortened link is http://www.bit.do/BabyNimi

#CBMoments4 #MumsLoveCussonsBaby #CussonsBabyoftheYear #BabyNimi #NimiNation #BBNaija #EfeNation# BabyN #BigBrotherNaija #cbm4 

I’ve also asked mummy to upload some pictures here cos I’m not sure of the one she uploaded on the site . 

There you have it. Please vote for Baby Nimi so she can be the face of the Cussons Brand. Have a wonderful week ahead. 


Your thoughts please :)

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