When Your Baby Looks Nothing Like You

PS: This is not a rant. Just putting it out there 
I’ll start with a little background. Before we got married, the hubs and I had a discussion about waiting a few years before starting a family. We would spend that time getting to know each other better, making our relationship deeper and richer which is just what we did. 

Fast forward to a year and a half later and we overhauled the 2 year wait and decided to try for a baby. When I found out I was preggers, I was sooooo excited!!!!! I did what any expectant mom would do: downloaded the BabyCenter App (amazing by the way) and scoured the internet for information.  But I also did two things which I think every mom should do, I prayed everyday (obviously) and I spoke to my bump. 

I told her how much I loved her, how much her daddy and I were thrilled about her arrival. Most importantly, I told her how I wanted her to take her fathers full hair, his amazingly clear and beautiful eyes, his clean skin…… amongst other things. I wanted her to have my energy and zest for life but when it came to the looks category, I didn’t kid myself, biko, look like your father okay?! 

I wasn’t disappointed 🙂 

She came out perfect. She looks like my mother in law (a beautiful woman who my husband also got his looks from). Baby N took my mom’s fair skin colour but has her daddy’s clear skin. I marvel at how little she looks like me but how her energy,curiosity and strength is ALL ME!!!! 🤓

As usual the comments came in….

Aww, Omo daddy….’

‘You look so much like Daddy….’

‘Ah Mummy, you didn’t win this one o. Maybe the next one will look like you….’

It makes good bants…. and every time I hear a comment like that, I smile because it means she listened to me when she was just a teeny, weeny cell. 

However someone’s comment totally threw me off balance last weekend. After Baby N’s  check up, I stopped over to buy bread, leaving her with the Hubs in the car. When I returned, a lady close by selling fruits blurted out

Chai, see as the mama be. She no even fine reach her pikin…..’

‘That escalated quickly ! ‘ I thought to myself. She didn’t stop there o, she went on. 

See fresh skin. Abeg clean cattarh wey dey comot from her nose.’ 

The Hubs stepped in and told me ‘Ignore her,let’s go‘. 

I got into the car with a stern face but low key giggling. I just had to forgive her brashness, sometimes people have no filter so it’s fine. What the situation taught me is that I will get more comments like this ; okay maybe not that brash but comments none the less. 

Do I mind? Not in the least. But there might be parents out there, Moms or Dads who might be upset by comments like this. So I decided there and then not to make comments about a baby’s resemblance to any parent. It’ll be hard but I’ll try. Baby N and Daddy 

Baby N and Mummy 

Have you ever noticed any situation like this? Do you think this is a thing?  Lemme know in the comments section. 


7 Comments Add yours

  1. LOL

    peoples comments sometime tho…

    She’s so pretty and lovely… let’s hope her aburos would look more like you… don’t worry. I’m rooting for you :*

    1. Hehehehe. Thanks o. Funny enough, I want her aburos to look like their daddy. I don’t mind having little replicas of him running around….. I know that sounds kinda weird

  2. First of all… this is a beautifully crafted article!

    Ok, so that’s out of the way. I must say, people have no chill sometimes. It’s like trying to speak softly in a very noisy place; you don’t hear yourself speak. I bet she couldn’t hear herself speak.

    Lastly, Baby N is such a cute little girl. She already looks as smart as you.

  3. Yevandy says:

    Lol.. this is funny sha… but some people have no chill!!
    Your baby is beautiful, thats the important thing it really shouldn’t matter who she looks like!!

  4. Tee says:

    Nice article. Baby N is so cute and most times I think baby girls look more like their father. Don’t worry by the time baby two comes, he will definitely look like you and he will definitely be cuter.

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