Bad Moms movie review: The chic flick that actually made me cry….

Where to start, where to start….

Bad Moms movie poster

It seems like this is all I do this days, try to figure out my life. Maybe that why this movie called out to me. Bad Moms is a very regular, almost cliche type of movie but I could relate to it in the weirdest of ways. Let me start by giving you a brief synopsis 

The main character is an overworked mom who is always getting to places late. She is overwhelmed with her job, her kids and her husband who seems like he is constantly high. Anyway, she catches her husband skirt chasing and kicks him out and then encounters the president of PTA in her children’s school; who incidentally is a bully. 

She stands up to the bully and because of that, her child gets kicked out of the school’s soccer team. She gives up and is about to throw in the towel when her friends give her a moral boost and she makes it in time for her opening speech as a contesting candidate. She gives a riveting speech which gets her elected and everything ends well. 

Now that’s not what moved me to tears….. it’s the scenes running during the credits where the actresses sit down with their mothers and just talk. There’s a bond that you can feel; like you can see every fight, every tantrum, every beautiful moment these women have shared with each other in the course of growing. You can see the pride of the mothers as they recount the mischievous deeds of these actresses as kids and how they figured out being a mom. 

You see, I’m a rookie. Everyday, I look at my little one and pray to God for help because I don’t think anyone has got motherhood figured out. I anticipate the days we would sit and bond and I dread the days when we would have to disagree over something. But that’s what makes the experience so uniquely satisfying: that’s what makes the memories richer, the smiles more pure and the feeling so much deeper. 

Baby N ready for her bath

I was so tempted to call my mom and mother in law after the movie to just appreciate them but it seems like I’ve earned myself a reputation of being randomly emotional so they might not get it. I suspect they’ll just smile and say that I’m just being me. 

Oh well, they might never get to see this but this is me appreciating them and every mum out there. We might not say it enough but we see you…… and God bless you.


Your thoughts please :)

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