Immunization: A Love/Hate Relationship 

Hello everyone,

New Mom here….well, not so new considering the fact that my little one is 4months plus. Sheesh, time flies. She was only two weeks old yesterday.

Baby N at 1week

Anyways. In my journey of motherhood, I’ve had to relearn a few things….main lesson being that the things that are good for you might not necessarily be enjoyable; case in point IMMUNIZATION!!!!

My little one is pretty strong; hardly ever cries and has a smile for everyone…. that is until the needles come out. The first shots she took were pretty painless but then she came home and the tears wouldn’t stop, her temperature was something else and I was out of my mind trying to comfort her. By the next day, she was back to normal, like nothing ever happened. So I was like ‘hey, I can totally do this immunization thingy’. I spoke too soon.

The last one wasn’t as seamless as I thought. Even though she didn’t cry much, she wasn’t smiling and had a permanent scowl on her face. It was like she was accusing me of betraying her. Now I kinda dread those days. I want my little one smiling all the time but if she is to build her immunity against these diseases, we absolutely have to take the shots…

Baby N and Daddy

Sigh…. God help us.


Your thoughts please :)

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