Letter  From A New Mom to Newly Weds

Hello and congratulations on being newly weds. I can imagine how excited you must feel; that delicious tiredness from a successful wedding, the anticipation of lazying around and enjoying each other’s company during the honeymoon…. Bliss! Coming home from work into the arms of that special someone and so many other delightful reasons why this time is such a special one.You might wonder why I’m writing to you and I’ll get to it in a bit. You see, we have something in common: the fact that we have both entered into a new phase in our lives. As a newly wed, you probably already have people asking you when you want to start a family and even giving you advice on how and what to do to get started. Here’s my advice : wait. 

The last few weeks have taught me that having a baby is no small feat, definitely not for the faint hearted. Your life changes irrevocably in ways you can’t even imagine. You see, the Internet misleads you, makes it seem like butterflies and flowers with a little bees here and there. They romanticize the sleepless nights, the messy diapers and the pile of laundry but you know what they say, experience is the best teacher. 

Having a baby is one of the most amazing things that would happen to you. It would rock your world and you would love every moment of it. That little face will make you feel love,fear,worry and pain all at the same time but like I said, you will love it.

However it’s in your best interest to take a year or two to enjoy the company of your spouse: go on dates, have friends and family over, make spontaneous plans, eat out, make out in every room in your home. You owe it to yourself and your spouse to have a year of uninhibited fun, just you and the boo, no worries.A baby changes everything and now you can’t exactly indulge in your youthful whims. Even if you wanted to, it takes a lot of planning and a nanny which just takes the fun out of it.

The hubs and I took a year to wait and boy am I glad we did. We are also super  excited for our little one. The rising sun cannot match the smile on the hubs face when he picks our little one. I realize that we might not get those crazy random moments back which is why I’m glad that we had a whole year for that. The next time might be in 18 years when she finally decides to move out……

God bless your union and give you the strength to be there for each other and your little one when he/she comes.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sona says:

    I hate you

    1. Honeyboo don’t be like that. This is just my opinion, you know your situation best so you know how to handle it. 😘😘😘

  2. Jacklyn says:

    I stumbled upon this post and what a great read! We have been married less than a month- and I completely agree! We want to wait. At least a year!
    There is so much you can’t do with a little one. But at the same time we want one! It is a weird feeling…
    We are new to the blogging world.
    Stop by sometime 🙂

    1. Awwww, congratulations Jacklyn. I’m so so excited for you (I love it when I hear about newly weds). I totally agree about waiting, dating and marriage are certainly not the same thing so you’re going to rediscover each other and have fun doing so too.
      When the little one comes, you might not be able to do much for at least a year, but when he/she is about a year older then you can resume your activities….. with a nanny in tow of course. They’ll change your lives in ways you can’t even begin to imagine but I promise you, you’ll grow to love the new experiences that come with it.
      All the best, Jacklyn. I’ll be visiting your blog regularly 😘😘😘. Regards to the Hubs.

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