In My Opinion… 

Short post alert….. 😀

So I just finished watching the 8th episode of season 6 for Game of thrones and Arya Stark, (I hope I spelt that right) inspired this post. 

If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, I’ll TRY to give you some background to this particular character. 

Arya is a tomboy whose parents were killed and she’s on a mission to avenge them. She is about 14-16 years (can’t be too sure) but she teams up with the ‘faceless god’ who is teaching her how to be an amazing assassin. One of the lessons she has to learn is to let go of herself (and personal prejudices); to become no one, a major part of behavior ng faceless. 

During her training, she makes an enemy (a girl who is a little older than her) who doesn’t think she has the guts to be an assassin of the faceless God. 

Arya loses her guts on her first job and goes into hiding. Her arch enemy is sent to kill her but Arya ends up killing her arch enemy. She confronts her mentor with the face of her dead enemy and I expect the guy to finish the job on Arya but he watches her as she reaffirms her identity and walks away....

 I was shocked! 

I wondered why he just let her go seeing as she murdered one of his faithful students (that arch enemy has got to be one of the most faithful students the guy had mehn). But then it occurred to me….

Faithfulness is great…initiative is even better. You see Arya struggled with letting herself go. As a headstrong lady, she had opinions, trusted her gut and took initiative : a trait that pays if you are in the workforce. 

There will always be yes men; people who blindly accept and follow the rules of the game but nothing exciting ever happens with them. So they wait patiently, following the rules and waiting for things to happen to them; comfortable but boring. 

I think the lesson here is pretty obvious so I won’t try to be ‘philosophically deep’.

Just my two cents….. I’d like to hear your thoughts though. Care to share? 


Your thoughts please :)

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