Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

  Hello my good people. I noticed I’ve been AOL for a while…precisely for the whole of 2015. You see, the while 2014 was undisputedly an amazing year, 2015 was a year of lessons:

Lessons on self, Lessons on life, lessons on relationships etc etc. You see, I noticed things about myself and people that shocked me…. I didn’t know how devious and underhanded people could be…. I didn’t know how bitter and angry I could be. Ah 2015…. The lessons you’ve taught will not quickly be forgotten. 

It wasn’t all bad, there were great parts:

  knowing who to and who not to trust, knowing that though changes are difficult and often times painful, they are necessary, building a  deeper connection with God, winning another competition on behalf of my company and getting my much much much awaited gift ( not here yet but soon enough) 😉. 

So what lessons am I taking into 2016? Just 1:   

It’s game time! 



Your thoughts please :)

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