Fourth Entry From Abdulwahab Oshomah Abubakar – Writers Horror Challenge

I am on Cloud 9….. and that is because it turns out that I was right. I experience some doubts about how many good writers were out there and now I can see that I had absolutely no reason to be afraid.

Our next entry is from Abdulwahab Oshomah Abubakar. When he said ‘long’ piece, I was skeptical but I was almost screaming ‘More’ by the time I finished reading. He picked :




Freaks, monsters, demons, bush babies, witches and all scary myths we have been told in the past never seemed to bother me. I lived my life based on what I see on this Earth as I had always seen. “Is it that the truth is just too difficult for these blind folks to see?” I slurred out as I sipped my vodka.

We are just a chemical reaction that occurred by mere coincidence. Approximately 95% of Nigerians  believe that being religious makes you a better person. I laugh!! This can only be in thought and not in action. Why? Because if it was by religion our problems as human beings will be minimal due to the compassion we might show each other because of religion’s influence but no way!  We are the complete opposite. I choose not to bother myself with thoughts that are just a waste of time. The real world awaits.

The night is dark and it is a starless sky with the chilly winds making me shiver. This vodka doesn’t seem to help. A little tipsy I believed it was time to leave. Sandra wasn’t going to be home tonight. Sandra was never going to be home anymore unless her grave is the place you call home. So there was no rush going to the bed we once shared as a happy couple with Temi occasionally coming in from his room because of his nightmares and so-called monsters under his bed. No point praying to a God that I stopped believing in since she left.  If there was a God she won’t be gone because I see no reason for her to be taken away from me so soon. We had plans, We were to live together. why?!

Temi is the only reason I am working on keeping myself together. He is the only reason I still go back to that house. A part of her is in him and that consoles me a little. As little as it might be I have chosen to hold on to that part of her I see in him yet that part is not enough for me. I am hungry for her touch, her smell, her essence. Just one night with her would be enough to feed this hunger that haunts me continuously. I was asking for too much because I knew she was gone forever.

I looked at my Hublot timepiece and it is 10:30pm, I get my car keys and begin to head towards my car when I see  this young, beautiful lady, stunning in grace and style. I don’t know if it is the liquor but she has all the features Sandra had which rendered me petrified for almost a minute. I stand there staring at her like a complete retard until she notices me  staring. “Comport yourself guy” an inner voice says to me. It is too late as she was already staring back even after turning my eyes away. But I have to be sure. Is this Sandra?

I walk up to her and introduce myself, extending my hand for a handshake and I swear to you she is real. She smiles at me and tells me her name is Adna. Weird name but I didn’t care, her voice was like angels are singing in choruses. She seems as excited as I am like she knew me before this night. The chemistry was so amazing and she decides to follow me home to see my University Swimming competition trophies( when we all know what we were actually going home to do *wink*) and besides the neighbor babysitting Temi would have put him to sleep before I get home.

I lost Sandra to breast cancer just seven months ago and I can say those seven months have been hell considering my heart and my head have never come to a compromise for my sexual urge until this night. This night where all the stars are asleep except one, Adna. Her lips were as inviting like she put a potion on them, Pink and succulent waiting for me to taste them. I moved closer and shut her mouth up with a kiss, she loved it, She didn’t mind the liquor, she kissed back with passion. I could feel a familiar fire burning within me. I pray it never stops burning.  I hold her body tight and it was as soft as fresh agege bread straight from the bakery. She bites softly on my ear and whispers to me “Let me make you forget everything. You have been through a lot.” How does she know? It doesn’t matter. I  am already drunk with feelings of lust and having her was the only thing on my mind. Before you know it she is moaning in pleasure and I am overwhelmed in ecstasy, moaning out and calling out Sandra’s name from thrust to thrust.  Finally we both reach climax simultaneously like our souls were in sync. I look into her eyes they are like precious gems glowing in the dark. “Thank you” I whispered to her and she gave me a reassuring kiss. Now we are cuddling naked and I can feel her heartbeat fade out as I enter into a deep sleep.

“DADDY!!!!!!” Temidayo Screamed. Frantic, I jump out of bed without any hesitation. To my surprise Adna is not beside me. She probably is in the bathroom. I reluctantly put my robe on and move towards Temi’s room. I open the door and I see him sitting on the bed grabbing his teddy bear, looking at me like he has just seen a ghost. I walk up to him to calm him down. He is only 5 years old and he just lost his mum. Reality is a nightmare for him.  “T-boy, what’s wrong?” I ask. He responds by shaking his head. “You are just having a nighmare my boy. You will be alright.” I tried to assure him. He then says“ What of the monsters? Why don’t they go away? They are always disturbing you and I. One of them followed you home today daddy and it brought some of it’s friends. It wants to kill you”. Temi and his wild imaginations.  At this point I can hear footsteps in the hallway. Adna was probably looking for me. I had to leave Temi and go back to her.

“T-boy, the monsters have left. They will never disturb you again” I tried re-assuring him. He gave a smile that was a bit eerie but I didn’t bother paying attention.

I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy, check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy, there is somebody on my bed.”


Great right? I thought so too. The scariest part for me was when  T-boy said ‘One of them followed you home today daddy and it brought some of it’s friends.’….. I thought, ‘Friends ke’? One chance.  You can follow this writer’s updates on Twitter and Instagram at: @Oshomah

Anyways, keep those entries coming….. I’d like to see what y’all have up your sleeves.

Have a great day.


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  2. Tosin says:

    Nice story, i wish it was longer

    1. Yeah but that’s the cool thing about short stories, your mind can make up the most interesting and wonderful conclusions to these stories

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