Hello 2014

Notice anything different?
Notice anything different?

It’s been a while…

I didn’t even have a happy new year message….

I apologize. It was awfully rude of me to zonk out like that. Forgive me.

I have so much to say and I’m not sure how much typing my fingers can do so I’ll just try to summarize it all. 2014 has been an amazing year for me. I remember, at the beginning of the year when i took my book and wrote down everything i wanted to achieve this year. I had a great job which I love but i was not satisfied. So after writing down all my plans for the year, I had a candid ‘talk’ with God. I opened my heart and told Him as it was: I was scared of taking a plunge – looking for that job that would push me vs leaving a job that I was merely comfortable at. Looking back, I swear that i heard him chuckle at my worries. I bet He was looking down at me and thinking, ‘How much more do I need to do before you trust me COMPLETELY Jessica?’. After our talk, I launched into the year believing God would lead me like He always does.

And He did!

On the 3rd of February 2014, I resumed at a new work place called X3M Ideas (pronounced Extreme Ideas). Boy, nothing prepared me for the pace of work here. Its exhilarating and frustrating at the same time. I love the people that I work with: different people with their own unique idiosyncrasies…. just like a pack of skittles with different tangy tastes. I both look forward to and dread  each day. The dread is usually for naught as I’m being led by HIM!!!

An eclectic bunch - Team X3M
An eclectic bunch – Team X3M
...when the bombing began
…when the bombing began

Another development was that on behalf of the X3M team, we (myself and a colleague of mine) won the Young Lions Design competition in Nigeria. This means that we get to go to Cannes in June to compete with the rest of the world. I looked forward to it and even though it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen, we  eventually got to go. It was an amazing experience. Although we didn’t win and we were quite disappointed, we still took home a lot of things to ruminate on.

And last but not the least, I GOT MARRIED!!!!!

My uber-awesome gift from God and me
My uber-awesome gift from God and me
Our awesome wedding selfie
Our awesome wedding selfie

Onnaedo, my personal person, bestest friend of life!!!!!
That little angel there is Lena…. she is such an adorable and helpful little lady. Miss her already. ❤
And on my birthday too! I don’t know what to say except that when God decides to bless you, He does it real good. I wake up every morning with thanks on my lips and look forward to going home after work every evening. I love my new extended family…. Amazing people. I miss my parent and siblings dearly even though I call them all the time. I guess it’s an experience i’ll have to get used to.

At the reception
At the reception

That’s about it I guess. I’m going back to being buried at work. Had some brain wave for some exciting stories but due to work, I lose them as soon as they come. I rarely have weekends as i’m always working but as soon as I have a Saturday to myself, i’ll whip up something.

PS: I’ve started sewing too!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mide says:

    aawwww…and this is just the last month in the 3rd quarter! loaded year I must say. the sewing part tho’ *dunno

    1. Intoxyka says:

      hahaha….. trust me the sewing part is great. I bought a mini sewing machine and sewed this ankara pants that I’ve been rocking since. You wont believe i sewed it when you see it.

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