How Do You Deal With It???


Criticism is in every part of our lives. From our work to our families, from our friends to our fr-enemies. From our mother’s friend’s telling our mums about how trashy red lipstick makes their us look to your sister telling you how your choice in clothes aren’t as fresh as theirs, the list is endless. However how do you deal with this criticism?

Let me put it in context and have you choose for yourself.


Hmmmm, this is a load of crap! I could never wear this out. This colour is absolutely horrid on you. You should try something different. It makes you look sick or something…..’


Dude are you still driving this crap??? Thought you would have upgraded mehn. No be say i dey try yab you o, but a man of your status  cannot be using this pangolo. Guy you need to do something about this…..’


No no no no darling, this cannot work. Can’t you see your friends? they look like young women when you?!…..Urgh, you look soooo old. You need to take a cue from them sweetie, that’s how young girls are supposed to look, not the way you’re looking now…..’


Okay, this is the height of irresponsibility. I give you one simple job to do; wash the darn car and there are still specks on it. What the h*ll??? Cant you wash common car?…..’


I’m sorry but the is bullocks. This is stupid work. IS this what you’ve been taught in the university? This young graduates know absolutely nothing, they re just empty headed robots. I’m  sorry but this is shabby work, you can do better….’ 

I could go on and on and on and on but I think by now we all have the general picture. SO my question is, when does criticism cross the line from being constructive to just plain nasty? Have you ever been in this type of situation? How did you react? What did you do? I’d really like to know how you deal with uncalled for criticism…..



Your thoughts please :)

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