The Tale of The Anna and The Gala Crumb


A crumb of gala drops from my bag and rolls onto the carpeted floor. I try to used the tip of my shoe to nudge it under the chair but the secretary at the office gives me a stern smile.  I offer her a stiff smile and settle primly back into my seat. I was nervous enough and having waited for over 2 hours, I badly needed a distraction. Soon, my wish was to be granted.

A lone ant strolls over to where the crumb of gala lay. Black and tiny, this ant was a cross between a solider ant and a sugar ant. i’ll call her Anna for the course of this narrative. A wary sniff and a thorough inspection later, Anna decides that the morsel of gala was for real and bot just a mirage. She goes back the same way she came and returns, a few minutes later (or so I thought. You know how these animals look alike) with a few friends in tow.  I watch as they make their way to the morsel and start breaking it into pieces for easy carriage. They move in a convoy and soon they are close to their home. I spy a creature moving really close to the entrance of their home and lo, it is a gecko. I begin to worry for the safety of Anna and her friends. I try to distract the wall gecko but I cant get beyond this stiff secretary. She gives me another look and this time, I settle in content to just watch. Suddenly, Mr. gecko’s head dips in and he carries one of Anna’s friends. there is a mad scramble as everyone abandons their loads to flee for safety. Mr. Gecko takes another swipe and two of Anna’s friends are down his throat. By this time I’m sure Anna has already been eaten). I lean forward to get a better look and Mr. Gecko rushes away. I’m puzzled as I’m not close enough to scare him. I hear a ‘pufftz‘ sound and I see Miss. hard-face-secretary spray some insecticide on the already confused ants. The horror is apparent on my face as I look up at her.

‘Mr. Maye will see you now, Miss Jessica, she says with a smirk. ‘After which your interview will begin’. I stand up, straighten my jacket and pick up my briefcase, all thoughts of Anna the ant fleeing from my mind. I follow Miss Hard-face secretary and just as I get to the threshold of the office, I turn and gaze at the spot where the ants lay. Anna (or one of her brothers) struggled to stand.

‘You go, girl’ I whispered to myself and went in fr my meeting.


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  1. this is nice. really nice

  2. 0latoxic says:

    Lol. Cute.

    I enjoyed this.

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