Happy 2nd year Anniversary To Us!!!!!

Two years already???
So two years ago today, I moved to WordPress and so far, it has been an amazing experience. Even though I’ve not been a faithful blogger, I still look forward to putting down my thoughts and sharing them with you all.
So here’s to us at two……and to many more years of writing and writing and writing.



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    1. Intoxyka says:

      Thanks a lot dear. Hows the little one doing??? He must be a big boy now 🙂 🙂

      1. He is doing really well. Thanks for asking 🙂 He is getting bigger and more clever by the day.
        How is everything over your side of the world? Where abouts in Nigeria are you again?

        1. Intoxyka says:

          We are fine over here. Just working and snatching little moments in between to blog. I’m in Lagos Nigeria.
          Funny thing is, the day you put up the post about your lil’ boy and his cousin, my friend had a baby boy. Now i find that I am having baby fever. I can imagine the joy you experience everyday when your son smiles at you. All I can say is, I cant wait!!!

          1. Oh nice. Snatching moments to blog is a task in itself. I’m really trying to set aside a little time every few days.
            When we eventually get there we will be visiting all family in Lagos.
            Baby fever is extremely contagious and it can hit you hard. I now can’t wait for you either, it is truly a mind blowing feeling/experience everyday.
            And Congratulations to your friend 🙂

            1. Intoxyka says:

              Thanks a lot. Give your little one a hug for me. And enjoy every moment you can with him. According to my mum, they grow so fast. I tend to trust her advice too….she had 6 of us 😀
              PS: When you eventually come visiting, take photos o. Lagos is full of energy and I’m sure you’ll have an experience or two to share on the blog.

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