May It Never Be Too Late

old woman

It was 6:30am and i was hopelessly and desperately late. Not that my outing was time bound, I was going to make my hair at Lekki and since it was dreadlocks, the lady insisted that I be there early. My door opened and mummy walked in on me spraying perfume on my pulse points.
”Ah ah, where are you off to in such a hurry? Isnt today supposed to be a public holiday?”
”Yes mum” I replied a little too impatiently ”Today is the only day i’ll have to make my hair.”
”Saturday nko?”
”You know I have classes on Saturday na” I replied a bit too harshly, then sobered up as I saw her flinch at my tone of voice.
”I just assumed that we would spend some time together,” she said a bit wistfully.
I stopped dead in my tracks, her tone making me feel guilty and foolish.
‘Oh mum” I said as i pulled her into a hug. ‘I’ll try and arrange something, okay.’ I said as i gave her a quick peck on the forehead. I grabbed my bags, promised to buy her her favorite fruits and set out.
In the bus, I settled down and opened my dearest to check out if there was any new update and to my satisfaction, there was a BN Prose up! it was called ‘The Death of Obiageli by Arit Okpo’ and I clicked on the link to read. What I read pretty much shook me up. Here’s the link:
Words cannot begin to explain how I felt after reading this short story. Our parents have given us so much and the bitter irony is that we deny them the most basic of human needs: companionship, most specifically our companionship. I thought about my actions with my mum earlier in the day and I can only imagine how she must feel every time I come in too tired or too busy to talk. I remember as kids, she would dress us up and chuckle about how pretty we looked. She would buy us goodies every time she came back from work (and she was a banker o), she would dance with us, teach us to model, tell us stories, take us shopping. She is the ultimate fashion icon and i realise at that moment how much she means to me and how much i have taken our relationship. I resolved to do what I could to let her know how precious she is to me.
Let us take time to appreciate our parents while they’re hear with us. May it never be too late for us to show our parents how much they mean to us. I hope we never get too busy to be with our parents. We should never forget the times they answered our silly child-questions, rocked us to sleep, bought us gifts, winked at us as they left us as school, threw us that birthday party, listened to us rant about teachers, works and boyfriends and finally whispered to us at night while we slept how much they loved us. We should not scorn them when they are too weak to take care of themselves because one day, we too will be like them……


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