He had waited for almost 5 minutes and by now he was getting angry. She knew he hated waiting and yet she still wasn’t here. The breeze blew shaking the leaves of the tree under which he stood and a few brown leaves fell to the ground. He looked at the dead leaves; his mind dwelling on the task he had ahead of him. He knew he didn’t have a choice but this had to be done. He looked around, taking in the scene and feeling somewhat sad. He would miss this place.

Just then he saw her coming. The breeze blew her brown skirt in between her legs as she made her way slowly to the tree. His anger dissolved as he looked at her coming towards him. She looked so angelic, almost unreal. She made her way to the tree, the expression on her face apologetic.

‘Femi, I’m so sorry. I needed to take Romoke and Tijani through their Maths assignment again’

He looked at her, his face clouded with anger. She noted his anger and moved towards him and slowly encircled his waist with her arms. She looked at him and lowered her voice, ‘I’m sorry dear, I really am.’

He sighed and removed her hands from his waist. ‘I have some news’, he said haltingly. She looked up at him, searching his face for a clue as to what he was going to say.

‘I’m moving to Lagos’.

Her hands dropped from his waist as her eyes widened. She stood there staring at him for a while. Her gaze was unnerving as he held her arm, jolting her back from whatever realm his jwords had transported her to.

‘Mary say something’, he said nudging her.

‘Lagos’ she said, almost whispering the name. ‘Your dreams have finally come true’ she said. He couldn’t look at her. He could tell she was shocked by the news. He was as shocked when his father had told him he was going to stay in Lagos with his uncle until his admission came through. He wondered what would become of Mary after he had left. Their relationship wasn’t a secret; the entire village of Mokin knew that she was his girlfriend. It would be hard leaving her but she didn’t share his ambition to leave the sleepy town of Mokin. She loved teaching the students and wanted to be a teacher after she left the university. She was content with the quiet sleepiness of the town.

‘When do you leave?’ she asked.

‘Tomorrow,’ he said. She sighed, a soft sad smile on her face. ‘I guess we’ll take what we can’ she said finally, turning away from him. He pulled her back and hugged her tightly. She looked up at him when he finally released her. ‘Meet me at the mango tree at the back of Papa Fawole’s tonight’. She smiled and walked out of his embrace. She walked away from him, not once looking back.


Mary made her way in the dark to the tree at Papa Fawole’s home. The house had been abandoned ever since Papa Fawole passed on. His children were the hoity-toitty ones who didn’t think Mokin was worth living in. So the house had fallen to ruins, housing illict meetings and where many ladies had lost their innocence. Tonight, she would be one of those girls. She didn’t feel nervous or guilty; in fact she wanted this, had wanted it for a while now. She thought she’d delay it but now that she had only a few hours, she was determined to make the most of it. Besides, she loved Femi and there was no one she’d rather give her innocence to.

She arrived at the house; walking silently to the spot she was to meet Femi. HE was already there, sitting and wringing his fingers. Her heart swelled as she looked at him; knowing instantly that she would miss him. He looked up then and looked at her. She walked up to him, putting her hands around his neck and pulling his head down. His lips went down on her, his hands encircling her small waist. Her lips were soft, pulling him into its plush sweetness. He rubbed her sides, his hands itching to move up. He controlled himself, not wanting to break the spell of the moment. She broke the kiss, looking at him shyly. Pulling down the wrapper over her shoulder, she revealed her braless mounds hidden by a flimsy spaghetti top. Putting her hands on his chest, she ran her hands over his nipples making him gasp.

‘Make love to me Femi’ she whispered in his ears.

She felt his trembling hands, his hardness digging into her stomach. She was nervous her earlier bravado failing her. She looked up at him uncertainly, pulling his face down to hers. He kissed her hungrily, a savage hunger possessing him. He moved his hands to her breasts, squeezing lightly. She pressed closer to him, wanting more of the feeling. He put his hands under the top, feeling the glorious heaviness of her bare breasts on his hands. He flicked his thumbs over her nipples and she pushed against him, feeling a certain warmness fill her as her legs buckled. He lowered her gently to the bare ground, still kissing her. A moment of sanity came over him and he broke the kiss.

‘Mary, we can’t…. Are you sure?’

She looked up at him, his iris grey where they should have been brown. His unique eyes were what had first attracted her to him. She nodded, rubbing her palms on his cheek. ‘I’m very sure’. He kissed her deeply, loving the feel of her against him. He touched and kissed her everywhere, worshipping her body. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, she felt his warm smoothness against her inner thigh. She tensed and he fondled her breasts again, distracting her from what was to come. She relaxed and he slowly positioned himself between her legs. The plunge elicited a scream from her which he muffled with his mouth. They were still for a moment and then slowly, he began to move within her. She tentatively followedhis lead and soon, their bodies were moving to the age long rhythmic dance of estacy. His movements became faster as he neared his release and then he tensed, spilling his seed into her. They stayed like that for a few moments, the night breeze cooling their heated bodies.

After a while, he rolled off her and she cleaned herself, gathering her clothes thereafter. He tried to look at her but she kept avoiding his gaze. He gathered her into his arms as she burst into tears. Alarmed, he raised her face to his, ‘I’m so sorry’ he began.

‘No,’ she said, wiping her tears. ‘Don’t be. I wanted this and I don’t regret it. Its just….’ She faltered. He looked at her, waiting for her to bare her mind.

‘I don’t know how I’m going to survive your leaving. I don’t want to make you feel bad but this just made it harder’. He looked at her, not knowing what to say. Finally he sighed and said ‘I’m not going to be gone forever. I’ll still come over to see my parents so you don’t have anything to worry about.’

‘What about us?’ she asked looking up at him.

That, he thought to himself was the million dollar question.


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