This Marriage Thing Sef….


I like to look at wedding pictures on The wedding photos there are so glamorous and beautiful. The couples look so in love that it makes you want to swoon (yes, I can’t help it. I’m a hopeless romantic). However, there is much more to this marriage thing than we know. Take for example, the fact that we have more broken marriages these days than we did in the yester-years. It makes you wonder why we bother with it anyways. but somewhere in my head and heart, I have faith that something can still be made out of the current situation that we have now. What was it about weddings/marriages that our parents knew that we don’t know about???

So while mentally running around with this whole marriage thing and going through my daily morning routine, i stumbled on this write-up  on bellanaija and it hit me right there in the middle. I figured out what the ‘issue’ was with marriage these days. I’ll let you read first then i”ll add up my thoughts afterwards. Here’s the link:

Take a minute to read it…..

….still reading….

there! I hope you’re done now. What was the moral of the story?! I’ll let you use the comment box to air your veiws. Lets see if you saw the same thing I did while reading that post. I await thy responses. 😀


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  1. Gist Editor says:

    I’m not too sure I could spot the ‘issue’. However, the article on bella naija does highlight a lot. A lot that most people either don’t know or chose to ignore before jumping into marriage. These days, people jump into marriage more or less out of peer pressure than actual compatibility and what I like to call ‘lasting potential’. I used to be a romantic myself, but now, I guess I’m a bit skeptical. Nice blog you got.

    1. Intoxyka says:

      Thanks gist editor. I think the issue is the orientation. Someone once said our parents lived in a generation where broken things got fixed and not thrown away. This generation is too quick to separate and divorce. Communication is important on issues between spouses…..

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