This Isnt What I Signed Up For……

So this is it. All my yearning, excitement and anticipation…….all of it begins and ends right here. Here in this horrible hole of anti-climatic un excitement. As a young girl in the university I looked forward to working….so so bad. For me, that was the beginning of my life. I had imagined, how I would be the best employee, how I would work in a super productive atmosphere and all the dreams a young girl can dream about. Three jobs down the line I have one thing to say: I am sorely, utterly disappointed.

You see, I can be a lazy worker but when I set my mind on something I can be quite tenacious. in my dreams, I was a hardworking young lady and trying to do that in real life is just almost impossible. First off, the environment isn’t helping. Getting early to work isn’t going to reap the fruits you hoped they will. Petty rivalry abounds and for the first time, I can fully understand the meaning of the word ‘politics’. Snide comments, snide words, poor and downright shameful work ethics is what I’ve had to deal with. Selfishness nko? You don’t wanna go there.

I assumed (wrongly so apparently) that employers want their employees to grow which is why they are sent on trainings and all. I guess I should have tailored that assumption to say ‘big companies and multinationals’ send their employees to trainings so that they can grow. With the Nigerian employment environment, money is the first on the mind of an employer……every other thing comes next. *Sad, really sad.

What do I do now? Bend over and continue like its the norm?! It is the norm so I will bend down and continue…….. Till I can catch another break…..



Your thoughts please :)

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