Interview With Myself

*stretches and yawns*
I’ve broken my pledge to the NaBlo… It wasn’t intentional but things have changed a lot for me. Let’s just say that my life is moving according to plan although abit faster than I anticipated but hey, I’m not complaining.

So this morning, I was in the international thinking room (which I understand is the bathroom for a lot of people. I used to think I was special in that respect…..used to think that the bathroom was a special epiphany room for me until research told me otherwise. I took it hard…..right there in the fantasy. Forgive me, I forget this issue at hand) . So there I was thinking and it occurred to me how often I speak to myself. Most people seem to think it weird but I don’t. When I have decisions to make or I’m about to do something wrong, my ‘other’ me kicks into place and tries to make things right. No, she is not a conscience simply because she is instrumental to a lot of bad things I think and sometimes do. So with this post, we are going to speak to each other. I will be ‘Me’ and she the interviewer.
* * *
Interviewer: Hello all. Today, we have ‘Me’ in the studio and we’ll find out why she is just a lazy bum when it comes to updating her blog
Me: Seriously?! I have a life as opposed to you.
Interviewer: But seriously tho, why haven’t you been faithful to your uploads?
Me: well, the pace has changed for me ever since I changed work places. There’s a little less time and I’m tired and really want to sleep most of the free time I have.
Interviewer: er, right. So your last post was on valentine’s eve. We chucked your absence to a prolonged valentine celebration if you know what I mean. 😉
Me: I know what you mean and that wasn’t the case, I assure you. It was a beautiful day with lots of surprises. I enjoyed it tres much.
Interviewer: is that all you are gonna say?
Me: Er, yeah.
Interviewer: I wonder why I bother.
Me: Smh… do realize that it was a black valentine for some people especially Goldie’s family and the runner Oscar ‘something something’ (can’t remember his last name). So while we were ‘enjoying’ the day, two people lost their lives.
Interviewer: That’s true…….weird to die on valentine’s day……quite sad. Makes you think about life on a whole new level.
Me: Definitely does
Interviewer: Gosh, I couldn’t believe Goldie’s death; still can’t. Goodness, I can’t think right now. Can we do this later?
Me: Er..okay.
* * *
She can be a drama queen atimes but I guess that’s why she’s an extension of me. This post didn’t do what I put it here for which was to give an inkling to my readers about the person who is writing but there will be a follow up, I promise. Remember, I love thee, I love me and I pray that blessing be upon you all. Have a great night’s rest.



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