Ideal Valentine’s Day Celebration…….Crazy Surprise Will Do, Thank You.

Hallo my good people! So the day is almost over and I’m so excited to get to my bed already 🙂 but that’s not why we are here.
The frenzy for Valentine is building rapidly and girls are dreaming, boys are calculating and me, I’m scheming *evil grin*

You see, when we talk about my ideal Vals day celebration, I’m the one delivering the surprise. So I’m going to chronicle how I would most likely spend my February, planning up until the 14th.
Because I wouldn’t like to fall into the ‘bleh’ gift category where your partner manages a half smile over the gift because its not quite what he/she wanted, I will carry out an elaborate research. (Nothing like it). This would involve listening hard and throwing veiled questions at the unsuspecting brother/sister. I do not prescribe friends because they have a way of projecting their own ideals into the scheme of things. So dig your beau’s brain yourself, thank you. However, be careful not to clue them into your plans else you are practically ‘screwed’ (for want of a better word). With all these questions, you’d have an idea of what your beau would like for Vals day.

Now on to phase 2: purchase the gift, wrap and hide…..then prepare dinner. I like my junk food but since we are celebrating Vals, we can order chinese. Get the movies rEady and prepare for a ‘wild night’, well almost.
So the man comes back from work and you relieve him of his suitcase and jacket. At this point, you might want to direct him oh so gently to the point where the gift was hidden ( which is obviously in plain sight). He finds it, shows appreciation, you have dinner and the lights go off. THE END!

Pretty boring right?! Well, I like it just fine. What would you rather have: quiet dinner at a fancy restaurant or plenty noise? Let’s hear your thoughts……


Your thoughts please :)

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