…..Keeping In Touch With The Ex…Yes? No?

Before we go too far, I must state that for me this is an emphatic no! If you are both single, maybe a yes but if one member has tied the knot, please think of the spouse before agreeing to hangout with this person. You might wonder why I say no but I will explain it to you as calmly as I can.
So in the course of discussion, Mr (or Miss) Ex asks to hang out. Two things can happen: you can say no and kill the issue once and for all or you can say yes.

If you say yes, two things can happen: you pick a crowded bar where there are lots of people and no possibility of a rekindled ‘fire’ or you can choose a cozy restaurant where its like its just the two of you in the entire world. In this case, you are in hot soup but all isn’t lost. Two things can still happen. He might start his magic on you and you can either: shut him down as politely (or as harshly, depending on the stuff your former man was made of) or you can calmly listen to him weave another web of lies while you sit there and get entangled; deceiving yourself that nothing will happen. If you fall into the latter group, I hereby tell you how sorry I am for you because you obviously have it bahd for this dude.

In this case, two things can happen…You can decide ‘What the hell’ and jump under the sheets with the brother. Come the next morning, you walk away with a smug smile on your face and no feelings caught or you go ahead and jump under the sheets for a ‘memorable session’, wake up the next morning feeling lesser than dirt and let your ex do the triumphant walk. Either ways its not good for you.

While they have been cases where ex’s came back to be permanent, more dependable fixtures in their partner’s lives, the chances are not too good that you guys will end up together. Not many people can handle being mere friends with people whom they used to have feelings for. There’s a reason you broke up in the first place and if your case was one of recurring break-up and make-ups, chances are they would continue that way. So save yourself what I would call ‘recurring heartache’ and wave ‘ciao’ to your ex when you see him/her.

There you have it. You might not agree with my outlook on the issue but then, I’ve seen people who have gotten burnt by re-hashing failed relationships so I think I’m entitled to my opinion. If you feel otherwise, please use the comment box below and we’ll talk.
Till we meet again….



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