The Concept of Love!


In SS2, I discovered the world of Harlequin novels. A novel was forgotten in the study room and I found it and read it. Luckily for me, and contrary to most people’s thoughts, it didn’t make me a bad girl and it didn’t damage my opinion on love and romance because while I thought the hero and heroine routine was cute, I knew it wasn’t realistic. So I delved into the novel reading world; soaking up the information but never to the point that it would affect my stance on love and romance related issues.

All of this changed when I watched the movie ‘A Journey to Remember’. It might have been walk to remember but I cannot really remember the actual name sha. I loved the movie, I was sad that the heroine died but the sacrifice that the hero made for her till her dying day made all the difference. My expectations changed. My Nigerian man must do that for me too.
As if things weren’t already twisted before, I went on to watch another movie which I consider the BESTEST movie of all time. Its called—-wait for it —-The Notebook!!!
I cried when I first watched the movie. Someone actually asked why I bothered watching if it upset me so much but they didn’t understand. The hero made so much sacrifices for his loved one who lost her memory and the movie chronicled their tortured lives. That was when I was done for finally. I had to have a man like this too who loves me the way these men loved their women. Did I find my man? I’d like to think I have 😀

I don’t have him doing amazing things like chronicle our love story or flying me to the bahamas. But I see his eyes and I know…… I just know!



Your thoughts please :)

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