….The Amazing Tale of My First Crush!


So, today is another day and my brain refuses to boot…….so I’ve decided to take a prompt from the blogher.com site. Today’s topic is My first crush! *dan dan daaaaaan!!! *

So the name of my first crush is Uwagbaii. I cannot remember why I liked him so much but I liked him. We were in primary 3 and he was the class captain and he had so much presence. Not that I knew what presence meant then but I knew that whenever he was around everyone knew him and wanted to be with him. The downside of the whole affair is that I was shy and so I couldn’t act of my feelings. So I watched from afar as the girls flocked around me. It didn’t help that I could occasionally be a noise-maker too so my name always got into the list of noise- makers (which he always wrote and which cost me strokes of the cane). Unknown to me, things were about to change.
* * *
It was saturday morning and I was through with my chores. I sat in front of the TV enjoying the ‘Kiddies Praise’ video my mum bought for us. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Being the child in the living room, I strolled to the door and opened it to receive the shock of my life. Standing there was Uwagbai’s mum! She asked if my mum was around and I replied affirmative. After a tedious greeting session, they sat down to gist. Unable to hold myself I blurted out, ‘I know you, you are Uwagbai’s mum’. A little surprised, she asked ‘Do you know my son?’
Feeling self conscious at my outburst, I replied that I did. ‘He is our class captain. I see when you come to check on him in class’ (which was against the rules but she was a regular).
‘Why don’t you come and meet me when I come now?’
I had no answer to this and she made me promise to walk up o her the next time she came around to the school.

A few weeks later, she came to class and after her son rushed up to her, I walked up to her shyly. She introduced us as distant cousins (turns out she and my mum were related). That was where things turned around; seeing as he was my cousin pretty much killed whatever childhood fantasies I had created in my head. Afterwards he became my defender, and bullying as I used to know it ended for me. Primary 3 blue respected him and that respect was accorded to me. Seeing as I had acquired a brother from a crush, I guess my first crush turned out to be pretty neat!
I haven’t heard from him in eons. We separated in primary 4; he went to 4brown and I remained in 4blue. I can remember his last name else I would have practiced my stalking abilities on facebook. So I guess that’s that about that.

So anyone else with cute first crush stories???


6 Comments Add yours

  1. lol. cute. I’m still in touch with my first crush. it was in primary school too. his family and my family were kinda close but I didn’t know him until we were in primary 2 or 3

    1. Intoxyka says:

      Thank heavens we found out. Imagine what would have happened if we didn’t and things had ‘gotten out of hand’??? *shudder*

      1. lol. i can’t even imagine. so much awkward moments

  2. christin says:

    my first crush happened when i was 13. it was with a guy named tayor[not real name i dont want to use his real name]. he was hot and i had known him for 3 years and he had a girl friend, [sad] . he was a jock type [like to play sports] and we never played the same sorts well some times we did but not often. [he played foot ball, basket ball, and kickball] [i played base ball,basket ball, danced, volley ball, and kick ball] i remember one day where we were talking and he asked me to have lunch with him and i accepted. we spent the whole day together[ no holding hands and kissing]. and another time i was at a carnival and he happened to be there. we talked alot and swan, zip lined, and ate lunch together. after that i was home schooled and we only saw each other during piano recitals. i sill dream about the day he will ask me out. [i am 16] one day when i was 14 we were talking and we looked into each others eyes and for a moment nothing else mattered in the world. i could tell that he want to kiss me at lest that is what my friend told me

  3. cowgirl says:

    my first crush was on a cowboy in 8th grade. he was pretty dang hot and quite sweet, were really good friends now.

    1. Intoxyka says:

      Awww, its nice that you still remained friends with him. Did you ever tell him about your crush on him???

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