Day 2: Valentine! You’ll Know More When You Grow Up

Hello good people! I’m back to fulfill my most enjoyable obligation to myself and my fellow NaBloPoMo bloggers. Yesterday was my official first post and I got a good response. So here’s me saying thank you for reading and I encourage you to walk with me on this journey of love-writing (for want of a better word).

So the theme for this month’s writing is love and sex: two topics that are topmost of the mind of individuals, after money that is. What makes it ‘cooler’ is the fact that february is the month where love is celebrated……valentine’s day. Growing up, we were told that we’ll know about Valentine’s day when we grew older and now that we have grown I must say that it wasn’t quite what I expected.

You see, while some people celebrate Valentine for its true meaning, Valentine here in Lagos Nigeria is a show of big gifts. The bigger, the better. From cars to little perfume bottles, flower and cake delivery etc etc, these gifts are designed to blow you away. One lady I used to know got gifts from 4 different men; each thinking they were THE one. Sad to say that they found out later, after many exorbitant gifts. Forgive me, I wandered mentally. So what am I trying to say here? Valentine’s day in my opinion has been bastardized. I will not say any more than that.

My ideal will be dinner with the beau or family (if the beau is not around). I’m big on showing affection so hugging, kissing, cuddling and all what not will abound. I would verbalize my feelings (which is what I do daily anyway) to the people dear to my heart. I would say ‘I Love You’ and I would mean it. I would hug you deeply because I cannot get enough of you. I would kiss you all over your face because…….well, its what I do! šŸ™‚ most importantly, I would let you know how much you mean to me, because everyday is brighter with the knowledge that you are in my life.
That, right there, is my ideal valentine.

P:S: The gifts are an added bonus :D! Just saying




Your thoughts please :)

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