Ten Years Later……

in-the-dark-forest.jpgThe bed’s hinges squeaked and she groaned in pain. She never did that, she left it for the other occupants of the room. Mr. Fan used to watch with disdain……complaining that he was far above everyone else. That was till he was turned off ten years ago. Now he looks on, immobile, desperate to move, desperate to release the unspoken squeaks of ten years.

We used to be the best of the best: the occupants of this room. Arrogant in our own special selves, we were bought from the same furniture showroom. Bonding was difficult…….until an event of ten years happened and made us find strength together, a defense from our troubles.


Countless girls, countless fluids; Oga’s weakness was mattress’ agony . Mattress had been complaining about the smells of the girls too. If she knew what was to come, she would have wailed. The week before we had a new arrival; he was called deep freezer. He stood out with his pristine metallic body, never interacting with anyone. In a room full of stuck up furniture, it was just fine by us. Well, most of us were oppressed by his shiny look, despite being state of the art furniture ourselves.

The girl came in with Oga. She was different and we all felt it: she was an innocent. Half way through the visit and many squeaks later, we all confirmed that. Her moves weren’t as fluid as the others, her awkward movement made the whole affair laughable. When they were done, Oga, cleaning up looked at her and said “Na your first time? You no sabi the work well well”
“Sorry sir. I fit do am again. No charge” she replied, trying to apologize for her awkwardness.
“No worry. You no go do am again” oga said with a smile on his face.
“Please sir, I go do am well next time” she practically wailed. He sat close to her and pecked her on the forehead.
“Shhh,” he hushed her and she relaxed. “Dress up make I drop you”.
She turned and picked her tattered underwear. When putting it on, a bag came over her head. She began to struggle but the bag never left her head. We watched in horror as her head left her body and went straight into Mr. Freezer’s gut!

The headless body jerked and spewed its red life source all over the place. Everyone was affected. Oga grunted, heaving like he had run a race. His eyes were wild as he surveyed his work before he bent down to wrap the headless body in a sheet. No one was prepared for what happened next.

“….been searching for you…….Oh good God.” Madam had walked in on the gory scene. This was all wrong. Madam never came in here…..she was supposed to be at work. I guess you could call it providence. The rest was a blur. She ran, he followed and nothing was heard of them again. People came in later, dressed in fancy uniforms to clean out the room. Mattress was taken away and she never came back; so was Mr. Fridge. Pictures were taken of us but not inn the normal way. Instead of awe at our magnificence, the camera clicked with disgust. He was used to the gore, we were not. Afterwards the click in the lock signaled the end of our horror but the beginning of our imprisonment.

* * *

Ten years later, here we are. Abandoned forgotten. This room used to be special to Oga and no one entered it except him. Now no one ever entered at all. We are all here, our bodies covered in dust, some still bearing the once-red-now-brown story of that horrible night. There are no complaints: everyone sits in silence while rats and insects have their way with us. Our story isn’t a good one but will anyone ever hear it again?! Will anyone ever free us???


Your thoughts please :)

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