I Pledge To…….NaBloPoMo! No Really, I’m Serious This Time…..

NaBloPoMo_022013_465x287_LOVESEXHappy New Year people!!!

Even though I’m one month and a day late, I say better late than never. Now on to bigger things…:D

2012 was a longish/shortish year. Most importantly, it was an eye opener for me. Half of the time it felt like I was riding a surf board on the high sea; my emotions were topsy turvy but I like to think I’m back on track. I discovered a lot of things….but most importantly how to be fulfilled and satisfied in myself. So come hail come sunshine, so far I’m happy within me, I can conquer…in every sense of the word. I also made an extra effort to become more spiritual and I must say its a great experience so far.

I lost a friend, I’m sure you saw that two posts ago but hey, I guess its one of those things. I miss her, I think about her all the time. I like to think she’s in a better place and so I pray for her every time I can.

Another month has come for me to try my hands at blogging daily. November was a total wash out and so I’m hoping February will be a better month. I’m sure the badge by the right hand side tells you all you need to know about this month’s theme and I plan to explore it to its fullest! *evil grin*

So that’s it. I begin tomorrow. I hope you bear with me cause I can be an extremely lazy writer but together we shall overcome. *insert kumbaya track here*



Your thoughts please :)

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