Day 6: Tribute To Kemi Olusoga ….. RIP Dear , We Love You

Where do I start from?…..I hate when things like this happen. When you speak to someone and then a few days later they are gone and all you have to hold on to are the memories you shared and the wisps of your last conversation…..

My final year in the University of Lagos was an amazing one. My room was filled with different kinds of people and Kemi Olusoga was one of them. Initially, you’d look at her as one of the big girls but when you got to know her, she was a sweet sweet soul. Opinionated but with a good heart, Kemi never missed her weekly dose of popular soft sell ‘City People‘ or ‘Encomium‘. When times were hard, she would pass by you like a breeze but she’ll leave a little something to tide you over.

Fun loving Kemi, always with a smile….. I never thought I’ll have to do this…..especially to a friend of mine. So young, so full of life. I miss you already. I’m sure the girls of Moremi A201 (2009) also miss you too. Rest in God’s bosom dear. Till we meet again.

Evicted from class… (Left -Right) Kemi, Onna, Chichi and Jess
Kemi and I
The girls of A201 Nkiru, Jess, Kemi and Onna
Oyin’s surprise birthday party

RIP Kemmie Olusoga !!!


8 Comments Add yours

    1. Intoxyka says:

      May God rest her soul….It so hard. I can still remember all those times we spent in the room gisting.

  1. Mojisola says:

    Can’t seem 2 get d memories of d times we shared outta my mind. Kemi was soooo vibrant and she thot me one or two lessons in generosity. Well I can happily say she had a positive impact in my life. Never really got 2 tell her how much I like Her. This has just tot me dat there’s really nofn much 2 life all is vanity.

  2. This is unbelievable …I am in shock

  3. damilola oyekan says:

    Dis is really said, I am really sad, but can we question God, no.

  4. Kunle Suleiman says:

    There’s a whole bunch to say about kemi, shes humble, peaceful, generous, hearty and so on… I really didn’t get a chance to tell her how much i liked her… its really sad to accept her demise but I know shes in a better place devoid of pain… May Allah grant her Aljannah Firdaus

    1. Intoxyka says:

      Amen….Amen. This is just so sad.

  5. Chichi says:

    Kemi was so full of life…I didn’t know d last time I wud ever speak with her was on sunday. She was even telling me about her perfumes. I’m still very shocked for words…I remember wen we were running around for our was an edgy moment but she always had a way of lightening up our faces with her jokes and funny stories…Kemi…u have gone to be in a better place…I look at ur picture and tell myself..its not true..I even pinged u just to see if u wud reply..but God knows best..he knows y he chose to take u to a better place…that is why I choose to celebrate you. You were a good person…RIP luv…

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