National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) Is Here

NaBloPoMo is here!!!!! I’m not sure why I’m excited but I know I am. I think the reason might be because I will finally get something to spur me to write daily. I have been rather lazy when it comes to putting up stories on my blog which is the greatest irony of the century.
I love stories, I think them, I dream them and ultimately, I write them. So this goes to say that there will be stories up for most of the month *dancing smiley* and ramblings on the other days that my brain refuses to boot story-wise.

For those who don’t know what NaBloPoMo is, the title of this post states it all. The deal is to put up posts on you blog everyday in the month of November. This year’s theme is ‘Blogging for blogging sake‘ and so I’m going to do what I planned for this blog: Put up the stories my wandering mind often picks up. I hope I fulfil this *fingers crossed*.
If you want more info on what the NaBloPoMo is all about then click on the badge on the right hand side of this blog and read.

That being said, here are some kisses for you all (as bribe for my not being around) as we start this thirty day journey.




Your thoughts please :)

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