Bragger Vs Braggee: When Bragging Becomes Cool…..

Walking through the corners of Ketu market under the hot sun isn’t beans. Not only are you assailed by smells, people are pushing/shoving you while some others who know not the difference between their cushions at home and the market, stand smack in the middle of the road. So if you hear an aggrieved lady shout ‘Kuro lono’ as if the demons of hell are hot on her trail, please understand her impatience.
So I’m in the middle of ketu market, trying to keep the smells out and constantly chanting the things I want to buy lest I forget them ( I see your expression, yes you. Lie that you don’t do it too…..mschew.) Anyways, while doing this, I get snippets of this conversation…..
Woman 1: yes o, that’s my first daughter
Woman 2: ehen?! Are you joking? She looks just like your sister.
Woman 1: *preens* abi…..everyone says so o. I have four others after her….
Woman 2: Oh my god! And you are still doing sisi?! God is good o.
…..And so on and so forth.
You see this conversation reminds me a lot of my mum. She was always quick to jump into woman 1’s role and if we (the children) were particularly unlucky that day, we would get lined up for ‘inspection’. The inspectors would be women who were wowed by the number of kids and questions like, ‘how are you my dear?’ ‘ What do you do now?’ ‘ Are you through with school?’….and on and on like that. Those of them who have sons will even say, ‘eya, maybe my son can take this one’…..but that is story for another day.
My point is, though it seems like these women are showing off, you can’t blame them. With all the stress we (yes, I’m including myself in the woman folk after all, I am a woman) go through with work, chores, popping out the kids and other obligations, its not too much for someone to go ‘goodness, you have done great’. Gone are the times where women were as invisible as the drapes in your house or the lamp on your bedside table. They have taken a stand to talk about it (yes ke, its not beans o) and now they are exercising their bragging rights not just in showing off kids but in their various accomplishments. Women are now, in every sense of the word, movers and shakers in their different spheres of community.
So, bringing it back home, if you happen to be one of the children that is ‘lined up for inspection’, understand that this isn’t pride, it’s simply an exercise of hard-earned bragging rights!

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  1. vixenpixie says:

    Mehn, my mother always gets people dropping their jaws cuz she still looks like a 30 year old and she flaunts it all the time. so, i know what it’s like to actually be the in d middle of such conversations. Afterall, i still get the occasional “Have you written jamb yet?”

  2. Intoxyka says:

    As in you have no idea. She lines us up like its a fair and starts to introduce us. We started to avoid her when she was with friends…..but she is an amazing woman tho!

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