…Lets Be The Change They Dream About

We live in a modern age. We are educated, enjoy electricity and water, live in good houses, have great jobs and access to a lot of infrastructure and opportunities. Somewhere out there, what we take for granted is a dream to a young child. The reality they know is harsh: daily hard labor to help their parents out with living costs. They don’t know what education is, they grin shyly when you ask them.
In Pry 3, a misunderstanding made me spend a whole day out of class. The teller that signified payment of fees wasn’t in my file so the school assumed that I hadn’t payed my fees. As a result I had to spend the day in the field with the other kids. Though an angry visit from my parents rectified the whole situation, I couldn’t help but wonder about the children who constantly had to be kicked out of class because they didn’t pay early enough or couldn’t pay at all.
We might not feel any direct connection to these kids but whether or not we realize it, they need our help. Conversations for Change is an avenue to lend your hands to the cause of the Nigerian kids. On Sunday 24th of June 2012 at Oriental hotel Lekki, like minded individuals who are passionate for the cause of the Nigerian children will be coming together to speak for change. The event is free, all you need to do to be part of this event is send in your contact details to conversationforchange@gmail.com to secure a seat. We are looking forward to having you with us that day.
Please spread the word; the quest for change is urgent and cannot be done by a few hands. Stay blessed!



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  1. otibho says:

    I love it…*wink*

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