…that moment when you realise that you’ve been played and there’s nothing you can do about it….He has your heart hostage.

Ok guys, remember how I said I was gonna bring you another amazing writer? Well, I present to you, Miss Oyewande Alimi aka Dr. Giggles, aka @wendiealimi. We used to be classmates but I never knew she liked to write. Anyways, this was supposed to be a six part series but you know how plans change….. Too much story. I present to you, Pinning from Miss Alimi. Enjoy.

‘ You told me you were gonna leave her for me long ago’ I whispered as Dotun parked in front of my hostel, He obviously couldn’t see the tears that welled up in my eyes, he leaned towards me trying to kiss me, ‘Habi cmon you know I’m trying so hard to make you my official girl’, He whispered into my ear, softly nibbling my ear lobe, ‘seriously stop please’ I muttered as my toes curled. My pleas ended in his mouth as our tongues locked in deep passion. His touch my weakness , his eyes my mirror, his love my poison!

I walked back to my room with my ipod at its highest volume, I was lost in the music, the story of my life, the sound track of my life: avant ft nicole LIE ABOUT US.

‘ Baby I know when we started out, there were things you didn’t know, baby girl we got a lotta things we need to discuss. I know I’m asking for a lot but just trust. You say that things gettin old sneakin’ round creepin’ and love on the low but baby girl I CAN’T WAIT TILL ITS OFFICIALLY US’

Fast cars will forever be my weakness as the BMW M3 zoomed past me raising enough dust to make me cough! ‘Bastard’ I muttered giving the driver the middle finger knowing well there was no way he could see my tiny finger. I hated afternoon classes , 2-5 pm was not my idea of spending a thursday afternoon. The sun was out to burn me today I thought as I searched my bag for my sunglasses, startled by the rude honking sound,I raised my head to see the black BMW M3, ‘shii this guy must have seen my middle finger’ I panicked. His smile was the last thing I remember!
Eight weeks, 14 dates, 9 kisses, a couple of gifts Later I was dating Dotun Rhodes, the best thing since sliced bread and denim. My love life was on a natural high, greater than any hollywood flick. Then my perfect summer story turned sour, my sugar lover apparently had a girlfriend , I cried, I wept,I died, I woke up and still continued dating Dotun Rhodes. I couldn’t help myself, I was insanely in love with him, I was drowning in his love! Whatever I didn’t care, I wanted him for myself, He said he was breaking up with his Mrs, I believed him, itrusted him and I gave him my all.

‘ Baby I know situation don’t seem fair to us both. But baby girl, she’s an issue that I’m bout to adjust. Don’t mistake the love we make for just lust, you are my soul,mind, body, spirit all that I know.I can’t wait wait to tell the world about us.’

Twenty three weeks,five days, six break ups,countless mind blowing loving making after, I was still stuck on Dotun Rhodes, and I was still his side chic,there was still a Mrs that wasn’t me. We had gone round this circle and cycle a zillion and one times. He had crashed his car the last time I broke up with, his broken arm was a trophy I couldn’t show off. The time before the last, I got mad and had a tattoo done on my left inner thigh, I was tempted to write “his hoe” or “sidechic” or something drastic or stupid but had ‘Habi’ done instead (he was the only one in the entire planet that called me habi). I was depressed, frustrated, upset,jealous,cranky unsure if I was still a student in University of Ibadan , I totally forgot I was supposed to be a distinction student, my grades were going downhill. I was not bothered, all I wanted was Dotun rhodes!

“First I thought that I could take you boy but I don’t know, you told me you were gonna leave her for me long ago”

Three weeks, four days,six hours, twenty something minutes Later I was sitting in Dotun Rhodes’ car in front of my hostel, I just left his house and make-up/break-up or whatever kinda sex were had was incredible. We cried, we laughed, we fought, we danced, we kissed, we touched, we made earth shaking love, we sat in his car at the spot it all started. Back at the beginning of the circle and cycle , sitting at our own crossroad, listening to the soundtrack of our lives AVANT’s Lie about us.

I was sitting with the only man I loved, the very own that could kill me with/without his love. I could walk away now and probably die right after, or I could stay till …………….

You enjoyed it abi? For more on Miss Yewande’s writing, visit her blog on http://www.oyewandesblog.wordpress.com. My search continues…


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  1. yeye says:

    Echoes of a side chic… Sigh!

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