What ‘The Help’ said to me…..

I hardly have time for anything these days….sometimes I honestly wonder what I do with my time. If I’m not working, I’m cleaning and etc etc. But I’m not here to rant today, I’m here because I finally had some Me time and I decided to take my friend and trusted PC (I call her Ivy) on a movie roll since all I’ve been doing with her is typing anyways. Thought she could use the fun.
So after seeing the movie, I felt a lot of things: anger, sadness, fear and despair. I realized how difficult it must have been at the time to be black. To be in a society that views you as less that human yet relies on you for its growth (re: Aibileen chracter). I felt the frustration of the maids, being pushed to the wall and having to live your life for someone else. And I realized that things are not so different now, they have just taken on a different form. We all have those ‘Hilly’ characters in our lives that we are unwilling to piss off just so we don’t have to face their ‘wrath’ (re: Elizabeth character). Sometimes we feel like the ‘Celia’ character, desperate for acceptance from our contemporaries, never being able to face the fact that we might never be accepted by them. Occasionally, we might need to get some spine and let the ‘Hilly’s’ in our life eat our shit, just like ‘Minny’ did. We need to take a bold step away from what our life is to what we would like it to be.
I’m not one to make resolutions cos I’m woeful @ keeping them. I just resolve to be better than I was last year. This movie in a very funny and weird way gave me the reassurance I needed. Sometimes things might look so bleak, like there’s no way out. You might just want to scream and pull your hair out because of the monotony and drabness of your life, You might fight with your friend and feel like crap afterwards, You might lie to your beau that you’re alright when half of the time, you just want to roll into a ball and sleep, You might be desperate for some sort of financial security that your plans for the future are heavily dependent on, you might even want something as simple as the appetite to finish a proper meal (ok, so maybe that wasn’t so simple)…….but all of these are just worries until you take the first step to handling them. So take out a pen, paper, glue or tape (depending on how much you wanna deface those walls) and write. Nothing too elaborate, just what you’d like to achieve by the ending of the week/month. Write it down and paste it on your wall. Now look at it for 10minutes. This is your first baby step to making that change you need a reality. Remember that its not just about writing it down, paste it where you can see it everyday so you are reminded of what you need to achieve. My mom always says ‘heaven is where you make it’. It is time to start creating your heaven…

Jess ‘Intoxyka’


4 Comments Add yours

  1. laji dwayem says:

    Lovely post! So this is the good stuff you’ve been depriving us of! Better blog more regularly or else… 😀

    1. Intoxyka says:

      Lol…. I’m working on it!!!! New year, new resolve to write.

  2. simply SAMAD says:

    The day you cease writing is the day i officially add your name to my list of former sweethearts. This is wonderful… the kind of fuel human machines need. God bless your thoughts.

    1. Intoxyka says:

      Thank you samad 😀

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