*walks timidly onto stage*
Hi everyone,
I know its been a while since I put up a post. In my defense, I have being going through a pretty rough time personally, plus I kinda had a lot of things on my mind, work included. Still, it is not an excuse to have abandoned thee for so long so to make up for my absence, I have a treat. It will be a blog series….starring different ghen-ghenstic bloggers such as the famous Mr. Lajidwayem: music blogger toh quality and Miss Oyewande, the delectable, witty and funny blogger herself. Also we will have the @vixenpixie herself, Miss Oyin Sanni, whose blog is one that I visit all the time and has WONDERFUL content. And the final icing on za cake, Miss Ohh who is an extraordinary writer but is yet to venture into the world of blogging. Our focus is ………… Maybe I shouldn’t say anything yet, until you see the first post. I hope you love it cos I’m super excited. Till we meet again… I remain,

Jess ‘Intoxyka’….etc. Toodles!!!
*skips away happily*


Your thoughts please :)

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