RIM Wahala!!!

So it isn’t public knowledge that RIM, makers of the popular device Blackberry, have been having issues in the last three days. In that time parols have been temporarily shut down, ‘chyking’ paused and setting P postponed till further notice. Facebooking from your PC or desktop came back into vogue as Cybercafe’s recorded massive profit in those three days. Abandoned love relationships with our PC’s /laptops were restored and all over facebook, people lamented the breakdown of our beloved RIM and how they missed the beautiuful days of cashless communication.

Then it happened!!! A broadcast went round telling people who wanted their bb devices to become relevant again, to re broadcast this same message.  It kinda went like this:

.062345877#REP :Broadcast this and your BBM will get repaired this is working.

This caused a massive uproar as bb users started to broadcast this message in the hopes of getting their super pinging abilities back. Broadcast haters now started lashing these desperate folks from left right and centre with these retorts (some of which are quite harsh):

Decided to download this from blackberry site. Please take the time to read it as i’m fed up receiving stupid broadcasts that states forward this message and your phone will turn into a Ferrari

 *** BlackBerry Messenger Notice ***

 1) BlackBerry Messenger is not shutting down.

 2) BlackBerry Messenger is not blocked.

 3) You cannot fix your BlackBerry phone by sending messages or broadcasts.

 4) When you receive a message or broadcast saying that BlackBerry is blocked or going to shut down, ask the sender if they got the information from the official BlackBerry website (www.blackberry.com).

 If the sender says they received the message in a broadcast and is just passing it on, delete that person from your contacts list. They are obviously stupid and you will save yourself a lot of frustration later.

 Also ask yourself why you have idiots and stupid people in your contacts list in the first place.

 5) BlackBerry Messenger cannot be hacked.

 6) The smileys (emoticons) on BlackBerry phones cannot be updated or changed by sending a message or a broadcast.

 7) BlackBerry will not bother you with technical information updates or notifications through BlackBerry Messenger. All updates and technical information is published on the official BlackBerry website (www.blackberry.com).

 8) BlackBerry Operating System Software for your phone and BlackBerry Messenger Application Software CANNOT be updated or changed by sending a message. When the official software is updated, you can download it with the applications app on your phone.

 Broadcast this to all your contacts so that the ignorant people who believe anything they read can get informed and hopefully stop spreading lies.

 Kind Regards

BlackBerry Technical Services

 Another went like this:

As in am so >:O >:O rite now,and am sendin dis broadcst to u all,next tym u wld rembr to remve me frm ur “senseless bc,jst b prepard to receive my own

And another:

Dear BBM friend, before RIM pulls another stunt on us again, I just wanna wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year in advance…:DX_X (I like this one).

And a personal favourite of mine:

Here these r some new numbers ..try them:

 #0988543222133 bc this and your phone will transform into the latest bb :O

 #0082655311496 bc this and you will become transparent 8-|

 #0984311159969 bc this and ur wings will pop out nd you’ll start flying!! :=D

 #6548996/52255 bc this and angels will start adding u frm their bb’s :=))

 And this is the best one !! – Slap yourself twice and your blackberry plan will be free forever .. Yeah try it 😉

 Its from RIM .. BlackBerry headquarters :>

 And Yeah All Rights reserved =)) /:) smfh.

Long and short, peeps aint smiling. Who do we blame for all of this silly BC’s??? RIM or our gullible selves??? Feel free to use the comment box!!! 🙂


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  1. demita says:

    It is annoying….all of this nonsense…. Can’t RIM find a way to give all blackberry devices updates on what is really happening?…. I hate all these fake broadcasts and not sure whether to forward them or not!……:(…..and if I do forward them people just get annoyed with me…

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