It was going to rain. She stood in it, wishing it could wash away everything, wash away the pain and the hurt she felt. As the thunder rumbled in the skies, she desperately wished she could change things, apologize for all the hurt she had caused to her family and friends but there was no way to change things. People rushed for cover, not paying mind to the well dressed lady who stood at the bus stop but didn’t get into any bus. The rain started to pour heavily but she still stood there, rivulets of water going down her body, chilling her. ‘It won’t be long’, she thought ‘very soon, I’ll be out of the picture and everyone would be free of me and my misfortune’. She though about the happening in the last month and every thought only served to deepen her despair. She didn’t mean to break anyone’s engagement but she couldn’t sit and watch her cousin marry someone who had been instrumental to her friend’s death. She just wanted to warn Rukewe about Barry but she didn’t think Rukewe would tell Nonye about it. She remembered walking into the room and feeling the venom in their gazes seep into her skin and it was then she knew that Rukewe had talked. She still felt the pain she felt when her mother had walked up to her and said in a deathly quiet voice ‘I curse the day that I gave life to an evil spawn like you’ and had walked out of the room. She had stumbled out of the house, tears in her eyes and a pain so heavy that she thought she would die. Weeks later she had tried to get in touch with her family to no avail. All that had led her to this very moment where she waited for death to consume her. It won’t be long, she thought and she was right. Barely minutes later, the attack began. Her breaths came in short gasps as her lungs struggled to take in air. Her knees gave ways and as she blacked out, she wondered if anyone would cry for her.
* * *
He caught her just as she fell to the ground and hurriedly carried her to the dry warmth of his car. He was stranded at the mart and decided against driving in the rain, opting to wait out the rain. It was then he noticed her standing in the rain. Puzzled as to why anyone would want to stand in the rain, he made to walk up to her but something about her expression stopped him. He saw pain on her face, regret, resignation, and sadness: the face of one who had seen a lot. The rain poured harder and just as he told himself that he didn’t want any baggage, she buckled and slumped. He rushed into the rain to help her without thinking. Looking back now, he wished he hadn’t.
* * *
It had started off as a slight pain but he wasn’t worried. Pregnant women usually had little kinks from time to time. But as he sat in the boardroom praying for the blasted meeting to come to an end, he prayed and prayed that she would be alright. For her brother to call him, her brother who she hadn’t spoken to since the day he found her in the rain. Her family hadn’t come to the wedding when she had invited them, begged even that they come to the wedding. He hated to see her in pain and remembering the pain in her eyes, his beautiful kind Uloma, made his heart clench. He had promised to protect her; a stupid promise but one he vowed to keep. Finally, the meeting came to an end and he rushed downstairs, making a mad dash for the car.
‘ Uche…wait up’ a female voice called out to him. He turned to see ronke sashay over with an umbrella in her hand. ‘Easy boss’ she purred ‘you don’t want to come down with a cold. Where are you rushing off to anyways?’
‘Hospital’ he answered curtly and proceeded to get into the car, driving off and leaving behind a surprised Ronke.
He didn’t have time for her blatant flirtation and quite frankly, had started to irritate him. He drove hurriedly, jumping stop signs and incurring the ire of fellow drivers who also battled with the rain and a jam packed road. On getting to the office he bounded up the stairs , every step he took brought a sinking feeling to his chest and a bitter taste to his mouth. He got to her floor and met her entire family waiting, a weird feeling descended on him. They didn’t care about her, so to find them waiting in the lobby freaked him out. ‘Where is she?’ he asked’ where is my wife?’ No one answered him, everyone avoiding his eyes when he looked at them. Just then, Richard, his best friend walked up to him,’I’m so sorry Uche. She called me, you didn’t pick, I didn’t know who to call….’
‘She’s gone Uche, the doctor says she lost so much blood…’
His ears began to ring as things suddenly began to move in slow motion. ‘No, he whispered,’No, no no no’. He felt hands all over him and without any warning, the darkness overtook him.


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  1. 😦 y did she have to die…:'( stupid family members….

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