The Tiring Battle….

I have a headache. I’ve had it for a while now, pounding so hard that I can hardly see through my left eye. I’ve taken so much panadol that it doesn’t work any longer. I think, when it gets into my system the headache welcomes it and sends it to stomach jail with the other ineffective tablets. Mschew, silly things!

Its scary though, the frequency at which I have these headaches. I’ve googled, researched and spoken to peeps all to no avail. I get the same answer: ‘ stop stressing yourself, you think too much, you are not taking care of yourself….blah! I’m so sick of hearing all of that. Like i’ll deliberately sit and not take care of my self. Besides how do you sit and not think? Look at my situation; i’m a bloody broke corper who hasn’t been paid in months and is trying to run two jobs which happen to be at opposite ends of the world. I feel like I’m being dragged from everywhere: the office, my family, my friends, my wonderful boyfriend who is the one that makes all of this easier than it would have originally been. I mean, I love these peeps but sometimes I just want to be alone for a whole day without my mum calling me to do stuff or Destiny gisting me about his numerous girlfriends that, honestly but without spite, i’m seriously not interested in. I think I need help.

I look forward to weekends though (for obvious reasons) where I get to be with someone who doesn’t judge me (except when it comes to my eating habits…..with good intentions of course) and I can actually relax with. These days even when I sleep at night, i’m tense. As in I cannot relax, it has become an effort. When I wake in the morning, i’m as tired as the day before when I went to bed. I can’t talk to anyone, they’ll just feel like i’m being dramatic or they scream at me (a la mommy, who is by the way my best friend) like i’m a 10yr old kid who doesn’t know left from right. Whats worse, at the office there is all this petty politics going on that makes me wonder how people so old can be so petty. Its disheartening. I soooo need a way out but there is none in sight. Thankfully, it is Thursday which means that by Saturday I get to see my wonderful boyfriend (yes, yes, I see y’all yimu-ing but its me wahala) who has a very nice posterior.:) :). Till then, imma go find meself some painkillers to take care of this pounding, one-sided headache.

Later, people….Meee.


Your thoughts please :)

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